Beyond The Diag - December 2022

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It's nearly the end of the semester, and time for a well-earned winter break. Take a look at this month's information on how to finish strong, what support and resources are available, and what to keep in mind as you prepare to leave town. Have a great break, and see you in 2023!

Breathe In, Breathe Out

As we enter the holiday season and reach the end of Fall Term, you might find yourself feeling more stressed or anxious. Or both. You are not alone.

Looking back on your year

It's finally the end of the year! Along with pulling our winter coats out of the closet, having warm drinks by the fire, and gathering with friends and family, consider adding self-reflection as one of the hallmarks of your holiday season. What has changed about you throughout this year? What defining moments are there in your progress toward your goals? What meaningful connections did you forge? 

Office of Student Conflict Resolution - conflict styles

Many of us use different styles to navigate conflict, at different times, and in different situations. All conflict styles can be healthy and useful for certain situations. There is no one best or preferred conflict style.The majority of people do have a default or “go-to'' conflict style that they use the majority of the time. It is important to acknowledge and understand your conflict style.

Preparing for final exams and the end of the semester

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter break is a stressful time for students across the country. Classes are wrapping up, finals are looming, and students feel tired from a full semester of hard work. However, after finals, a much needed break helps everyone reset between the fall and winter term. As you head into the final stretch of the semester, here are some things to keep in mind to manage stress, study effectively, and finish this semester out strong: 

Preparations for winter break

Congratulations on reaching the end of the Fall 2022 semester! We hope you have been able to enjoy this semester, and are now preparing for some well-earned rest as you head home. As part of getting ready to leave, the Community Concerns Response Team would like to share some tips with you: 

CSG AirBus

After the culmination of the term and finishing up papers and exams and papers, many students are looking forward to some well-earned time off and a relaxing winter break! For many students, returning home means catching a plane from Detroit Metro Airport. As exciting as it is to go head home, it can be stressful getting to the airport from campus. Central Student Government (CSG) has you covered for winter break airport transportation! If you need to get to the Detroit airport, consider registering for your winter break transportation with CSG AirBus.