Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Be a Good Neighbor

Remember that your off campus neighbors live just feet away. Maintain a positive relationship with the students or Ann Arbor residents next door, and keep these helpful tips in mind.

Photo by Steve Coffey

#Adulting as an Off-Campus Student

Living on your own for the first time can be both liberating and challenging. Make the most of your off-campus experience and read these tips from those who have been #adulting for a little while longer.

Front porch with bike

Save the Environment and Your Pocketbook

It’s no secret that living off-campus is expensive. From rent and utilities to buying food, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Follow these small steps to make living on your own a little easier and more sustainable.

Plant and Money

Where to Grab Your Groceries

Where will you find your next meal now that swiping into a dining hall isn't so easy? In Ann Arbor, many great grocery shopping options are just around the corner.


Ann Arbor Farmer's Market