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Events and Activities on campus in March

If you’re looking for suggestions how to get outside and enjoy the spring weather on campus, take a look at these events for some ideas:

Follow the Rainbow: Block M scavenger hunt

On St Patrick’s Day (March 17th), you can get involved in a fun, socially-distanced scavenger hunt, taking place on campus in Ann Arbor. Follow the clues, find the Block Ms hidden in secret locations, and turn them in to claim your prize!

To find out more about how to join the hunt, click here.

Census 2020 - make it count!

“What’s the point of the Census?”, you may be asking. Well, the Census has many functions, but one of the main functions is to count the total population of all persons currently residing in the U.S. This count is then used to determine how many representatives each state should have in the House of Representatives, and also helps to decide how billions of dollars in federal funding for local communities will be allocated. Beyond that, the Census is also one of the most critical reference tools in understanding the demographic make-up of the country.

umich campus

Game day safety

With holiday parties and game day tailgates on the horizon, safety can unfortunately shift to the back burner. If you choose to drink, do so responsibly and be aware of the impact that drinking in excess can have on your mental state, physcial health, and your future. 

When in doubt, don’t wear it out!

As the spookiest day of the year approaches, college students frantically search for the perfect costume to debut on Halloween. As you rummage through your closet, thrift stores, or your favorite costume spot, be conscientious of your final costume decision.

picture of pug dressed as a police man

Join Expect Respect at Diag Day!

What does respect on campus mean to you? As Halloween approaches and you are figuring out your costume, come to Expect Respect’s Diag Day on Monday October 28th from 11am-4pm for fun activities and more information about on-campus initiatives to make our community more welcoming and inclusive! 

Expect Respect