Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Saving energy and staying warm

Winter is near and it’s starting to get chilly! This may mean you have started to increase your thermostat temperatures to keep your space nice and warm. Did you know that by decreasing your thermostat by one degree, you not only save money on your heating bill, you are also sustainably saving energy? 

Re-Use / Recycling in Ann Arbor

Are you leaving your rental or starting a new lease and need to get rid of trash, useful household items, or recycling? The City of Ann Arbor can help!

Moving Out? Clean Up!

Moving out this summer? Try and help keep the campus and city clean. To make things easier, here are some tips on recycling, taking out the trash, and donating items.

Save the Environment and Your Pocketbook

It’s no secret that living off-campus is expensive. From rent and utilities to buying food, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Follow these small steps to make living on your own a little easier and more sustainable.

Recycling and Reuse Options in Ann Arbor

Moving off-campus, and in many cases to a new city or state entirely, can be a huge adjustment with many new things to learn. Since recycling guidelines vary from city to city, we want to make sure you know how it all works in Ann Arbor.