Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Mapping Out the Best Fit for You

As you start to get situated in your new home away from home, you might start wondering where exactly you're living. Not the address – the neighborhood! Inevitably, you're living in one of a dozen places that each have unique historical, cultural, and geographical contexts. Locate your neighborhood below to learn about what it has to offer!

Tappan Neighborhood Spotlight

Check out this month's neighborhood spotlight! Hear from Andrew Kassa about his experiences as an off-campus student living in the Tappan Neighborhood.

Get to Know Your Off-Campus Neighborhood

As you settle into your new homes, you may wonder what type of community you live in. Each of the off-campus neighborhoods highlight different historical, cultural, and geographical components. You can check out the off-campus map to find your neighborhood as well as those that surround you and discover what you can expect this year!

Off-Campus Living Guide

Check out our off-campus housing map which shows all of our central and north campus neighborhoods!



Named after Michigan alum Louis Elbel – the composer of the “The Victors” – the Elbel Neighborhood is located just north of the Intramural Sports Building. 

Elbel field and the marching band practice stand.