On the west side of campus, nestled between busy State and Main Streets rests Germantown – a neighborhood grounded in its historical ties to the city. Amid colorful, turn-of-the-century homes and towering tree lines, the stone walls and bell tower of the castle-like Bethlehem United Church rise high into the sky. Dedicated in 1896, the Gothic-style church was built by German members whose ancestors first settled in the area in the early 1800’s. Today, Germantown is home to both student and permanent residents, as well as University landmarks such as the Michigan Union and the Cube. Formally known as the The Cube “Endover,” the sculpture was created by Tony Rosenthal in 1968 and was a gift from the Class of 1965. At 15 feet tall, the 2400-lb glossy black sculpture is one of five rotating cubes that Rosenthal designed throughout the 1960’s – an identical version sits in East Village in Manhattan.


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Bethlehem United Church of Christ: 423 S 4th Ave 

The First Congressional Church of Ann Arbor: 608 E William St.



Hanover Square Park: 333 Packard St. 

Coffee Shops & Dining

Comet Coffee: 16 Nickels Arcade

NeoPaplis: 500 E. William St. 

The Original Cottage Inn: 512 E. William St.