For Landlords

Column 1

Converting your Home to a Rental Property

Many steps must be taken to ensure your property is safe and habitable to rent. The Ann Arbor Rental Housing office is a great place to get started! Read the entire article for more information about converting your property to a rental.

Advertising on Campus

If you're eager to get on campus an advertise, take time to read through university policies related to promoting your brand.

Participate in Beyond the Diag

Housing is an essential need for all people. For University of Michigan students, home is their place to study, eat, sleep, and socialize. We are proud to partner with local property management companies who provide this basic need to our U-M community. Beyond the Diag has a variety of ways for local property managers to get involved!

Mandatory Lease Clauses

If you are using a private lease and your rental property is located in Ann Arbor, you should ensure that each of these clauses is included. The clauses should appear in your lease with the wording, type size and font weight dictated by the relevant statute or ordinance. However, in the event of a discrepancy, please contact the information source for clarification. If your property is located in another city or township, please check with that housing department to verify required lease clauses.