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Off campus housing fair

Housing is an essential need for all people. For University of Michigan students, home is their place to study, eat, sleep, and socialize. We are proud to partner with local property management companies who provide this basic need to our U-M community. Beyond the Diag has a variety of ways for local property managers to get involved! 

To get started, visit to list your individual registered rental property. This listing service is shared broadly with the U-M student, faculty, and staff community through a multi-pronged marketing approach! Our users of the website spend an average 7.5 minutes at a time searching for housing, roommates, and reviewing our resources. 

If you have multiple properties or units, you can explore membership options by contacting Off Campus Partners at

Those who list on our website have the opportunity to access the following benefits:

  • Utilize our Rental Lease Agreement available online for you to print and in person in the Dean of Students Office (limit 20/yr in print)
  • Pick up carbon-copies of our Inventory Checklist or print them on your own from our website (limit 20/yr in print)
  • Participate in Beyond the Diag Housing Fairs (up to 4/yr.) 
  • Be featured in our Off-Campus Housing e-newsletter delivered to 33,000+ students
  • In conflict with a student or concerned for the wellbeing of a student? Contact the Dean of Students Office for support navigating the concern by calling 734-764-7420
  • Attend Beyond the Diag Quarterly Meetings to learn about university resources, research, and student support. Former topics have included Tenant-Landlord Conflict Resolution, round table conversations about reducing drug and alcohol harm in the community, and programs serving students of various backgrounds
  • Partner with our Neighborhood Ambassadors to host a neighborhood event at your space
  • Request an analtytics report for your listing
  • Be featured on ads across campus computing stations, in the campus Unions, U-M blue suses, and in the diag

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For more information about how to get involved with Beyond the Diag, email us at