Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Beyond the Diag will post safety related articles to living off-campus. Our goal is to raise awareness and provide you with tools to keep yourself and your home or apartment safe.

U-M COVID Safety Kits - additional supplies available!

If you missed out on the distribution of safety kits on campus during the Fall, or would like an additional safety kit - look no further!

COVID Safety Kits (2 washable masks, 1 bandana, hand sanitizer and a tip sheet) are still available at all Union Campus Information Centers (League, Mi Union, Pierpont) and at the following locations, from Friday, March 12:

  • University Health Service (UHS) from the greeter, at the pharmacy or when you get your COVID test

  • Trotter Multicultural Center front desk

Staying Safe in March

With St Patrick’s Day almost here, and March Madness starting soon, there are certainly plenty of reasons to celebrate and socialize at this time of year.

The university has developed some helpful advice on how to safely socialize, whilst enjoying this season. Take a look at the new Stay Safe, Stay Connected information on the Campus Maize & Blueprint website, for information on how you can plan safely. 

Stay in the Blue this St. Patrick's Day

As March 17 approaches, you may be involved with planning or participating in social activities. If your planned festivities involve alcohol or other drugs please take time to Stay In the Blue, by taking some simple steps to ensure you stay safe during celebrations. Stay In the Blue helps you to regulate alcohol consumption by remaining below 0.06 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). Some simple steps include:

  • Set a drink limit, and stick to it

  • Make sure you eat before and during consuming alcohol

2019/2020 winter survival guide

Unsure how your home is going to stay safe this winter? Check out these tips to see how you can stay safe and help your home survive this cold season.

snowy campus

How to keep a Wolverine safe on game day

Game days on campus can be a lot of fun! With two home rivalry games remaining, check out Beyond the Diag’s recommendations for how to stay safe by Staying in the Blue and rooting for a Michigan touchdown.

game day