Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Beyond the Diag will post safety related articles to living off-campus. Our goal is to raise awareness and provide you with tools to keep yourself and your home or apartment safe.

Preparations for winter break

Congratulations on reaching the end of the Fall 2022 semester! We hope you have been able to enjoy this semester, and are now preparing for some well-earned rest as you head home. As part of getting ready to leave, the Community Concerns Response Team would like to share some tips with you: 

Scam activity targeting students

November is No Scam November, so it’s time to brush up on how you can stop the scam. The best way to protect yourself from scams is to know how to spot them. Here are some of the most common scams that DPSS has seen at U-M:

Use a U-Lock!

Now that the school year is here, many students find it easier to navigate campus by bike. However, caution does need to be taken with bike safety, especially when it comes to bike theft. We hear stories every year about people who have not properly secured their bikes, and have then had it stolen. With bike theft on the rise, DPSS has provided a lot of very useful information on tips to prevent bike theft and how to lock your bike using a U-Lock.

To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of bike theft, please consider the following safety precautions:

Staying Safe on Football Saturdays

One of the most exciting parts of fall semester is  attending a football game at The Big House! As part of preparing your game day plan, we want to make sure you have a safe and fun experience, and avoid decisions that could put you or others at risk. One of the most significant contributors to riskier decision-making is the over-consumption of alcohol and/or other drugs. A few tips for those who choose to consume alcohol:

Scam Awareness

Beginning a new school year is an exciting and challenging time. For many of us, it means that we need to find new housing and part-time jobs while adjusting to a new city and schedule. While this can lead to many new opportunities and friendships, it can also be very stressful, and scammers can try to take advantage of this stress, making students prime targets. There has been a recent increase in scams that target students, with the two most common scams relating to housing/leasing and employment. Please refer to the tips below to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a scam: