Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Beyond the Diag will post safety related articles to living off-campus. Our goal is to raise awareness and provide you with tools to keep yourself and your home or apartment safe.

Tips for Staying Safe at Night

Winter means hot chocolate, snowball fights, but also longer and colder nights. Keep reading to learn how to stay safe while walking home at night.

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Game Day Safety

As everyone is getting adjusted to campus and going to more social events, safety is especially important to consider. Staying in the blue is especially important and knowing important facts about what you may be consuming is key to making sure you have a safe semester.

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Prepare for Traveling this Summer

Taking the leap and going on an adventure this summer? Whether you’re headed on a short road trip or an adventure thousands of miles away, check out these tips to stay safe and prepared before you hit the road!

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Personal Safety On and Off-Campus

Many students who live off campus have safety concerns about walking home at night in their neighborhood. Here are some crucial safety tips every student should practice on and off campus.

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