Traveling Safely

One of the many items on your checklists before going abroad should be purchasing the required travel insurance and making sure you are able to stay safe and healthy while being away from home. Through the University of Michigan, you can purchase overseas medical insurance, whether you are traveling with a University program, an outside program, or just for leisure. The plan is cheap and can ensure that you are covered in case of an emergency or health situation while you’re abroad.

In addition to insurance, here are a few other ways to make sure you stay safe while abroad:

  • Have a travel buddy to explore new places abroad that you can trust. This doesn’t exclude you from meeting new people, rather it ensures that you don’t venture off alone. Having a friend watch your back is always nice and two heads are better than one!
  • Check travel warnings before you leave and take precautions in countries labeled as having a significant level of risk. You can be better prepared for your trip by doing this before you leave!
  • Stay updated on vaccinations recommended for the region to which you are traveling. Appointments for vaccinations can be made through UHS and should be made well ahead of time to make sure you are able to receive all necessary doses before leaving.
  • Make sure to take common medicines with you while packing for your adventures abroad that may not be available elsewhere. Remember to get a supply from your doctor for medications you are taking regularly that will last for the entirety of the trip. As always, don’t be discouraged if you do forget something, you will often have access to a pharmacy overseas.
  • Ask for help navigating the foreign medical system. Your program manager abroad or local friends are a good place to start!

Be sure to check out the UHS recommendations as well as the International Center’s tips for preparing to study abroad, too. Safe and happy travels from Beyond the Diag!                                                     


Contributed by Anastasia Tkach