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Take Time Before You Sign

Take Time Before You Sign provides you with information and advice if you're thinking about living off-campus.

Ann Arbor Art Fair

The Ann Arbor Art Fair is a world-renowned gathering of artists, patrons, and visitors, and brings together around half a million attendees from all over the world. The event comprises three independent, non-profit fairs that run consecutively and alongside each other during the three-day event. This year, the Fair takes place July 21-23. For more details about the sights, sounds, and tastes that you can experience, visit the Ann Arbor Art Fair website.

Summer Housing Fairs

We recognize that many students have made plans for their off-campus housing needs already, and are excited about where they’re going to live in the fall. However, some students may still be in the process of making these decisions. This could include transfer students, graduate students, international students, or any other students who may still be weighing different options.

Join our Team!

If you have a passion working with students, and will be living off-campus for the 2022-2023 academic year, then we have opportunities for you to join our team.

Useful apps for U-M students

Each new year brings a ton of new information, opportunities and experiences here at the University of Michigan. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a place to start to find out what to do, where to go, and how to connect.

BTD is Recruiting!

Do you have a passion for working with students? Do you live off campus? Do you like directing students to resources that can help them? Then look no further! 


Beyond the Diag is looking for off-campus students who are interested in fostering community among students who live off campus and improving communication between students, the university, and the Ann Arbor community. In addition to this, we are looking for students who can raise awareness of issues and promote positive neighbor relations with all off-campus students. 


Leasing Scams

There has recently been an increase in the number of leasing scams identified in and around Ann Arbor, as well as around the country. Scammers pretending to be property owners will offer to lease a unit that they do not own, a unit that has already been leased, or even a unit that does not exist. Please be careful before signing any lease, sublease, or sending any rent payments, deposits, or other fees in relation to a lease.

Beyond the Diag newsletter - new date!

In order to make sure that students who live off-campus are getting the latest information about events, support and resources, we are adjusting our monthly newsletter timing. The newsletter will be sent around the 9th of each month, and posted on our website at the same time. As we start this new timing, it will mean that our February newsletter will be landing soon!

Off-campus PBSL Pilot Program

Do you find that your food often turns bad before you get to use it? Do you forget about the food you have in the fridge if it is hidden and out of sight? Do you get frustrated that the money you are spending goes to waste when you have to throw food away? Do you want to learn about how to make your food last longer to reduce how much food waste you produce?


CAPS Winter 2022 Groups

During the winter semester, Counseling and Psychological Services is offering group sessions and workshops tailored to a variety of different topics to provide students with a safe space to open up about what is troubling them. 


The Winter 2022 Lunch Series are drop-in events with no previous appointments required, all occurring between 11:30-12:15pm. The following sessions are offered as part of the Lunch Series:



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Off Campus Living Guide

Beyond the Diag is proud to present our full Living Guide in electronic form! 

The living guide includes:

  • campus resources
  • community resources
  • tips for living independently
  • important local laws students should know

and much more!

View the Living Guide

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