Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Beyond the Diag is UM's off campus housing program within the Dean of Students Office. Beyond the Diag was developed to improve off-campus safety resources, communication, and education for UM students. The core work of Beyond the Diag includes:

Outreach and Education: Beyond the Diag aims to educate off-campus students about the various resources available to them on campus, in the community, and offered by the City of Ann Arbor. 

Off-Campus Student Assistance: The Dean of Students Case Management Team serves as unbiased third parties to help off-campus students address their concerns, navigate their challenges, and get connected to helpful resources. Learn more about how the Dean of Students Office can provide students with support. 

Off-Campus Housing Listing Service: The U-M Off-Campus Housing website was launched in September 2013 and serves students in a variety of ways. The website can be used to search housing listings, roommate finder, message boards, and a list of online resources for living off-campus. U-M does not manage off-campus properties, rather, provides this resource for students to search local off-campus housing options. 

Community Building: Neighborhood Ambassadors are student employees who live and work within the twelve near-to-campus neighborhoods, host social and educational events throughout the year, serve as resources for on-campus information and are able to make referrals to University resources to improve student wellness and safety off-campus.

Leadership Development: Beyond the Diag is committed to student development and involvement. Neighborhood Ambassadors attend a fall retreat, weekly meetings, and monthly professional development trainings designed to engage and directly impact their work in the off-campus neighborhoods. These opportunities also assist in developing life skills and introduce the staff to local resources available to off-campus students. 

Off-Campus Housing Assistance

The Beyond the Diag program in the Dean of Students office provides a dispute resoultion service called Off Campus Housing Assistance for student tenants and registered landlords/property managers. The purpose of this service is to resolve off-campus housing disputes between parties by using shuttle negotiation to reach a mutually desired outcome. Shuttle Negotiation is defined as an indirect conversation, facilitated by a non-involved party, between two or more parties involved in a conflict.

Want to Join the Beyond the Diag Team?

We're hiring! Find out more about joining Beyond the Diag as a Program Assistant or Neighborhood Ambassador and make a greater difference in your community. Apply today! 

Student Employment: Program Assistant

Our Program Assistant position is open for the 2019-2020 school year. Apply now!

Basic Function and Responsibility:

Interested students should have have first-hand experience and knowledge of student safety issues occuring off-campus, prior leadership experience, and community building/safety planning knowledge. 

Student Employment: Neighborhood Ambassador

Neighborhood Ambassadors provide fellow students with information, resources and opportunities to create a better living environment in their off-campus neighborhoods. 


Neighborhood Ambassador