Advertising on Campus

Student Holding Housing Directory

If you're eager to get on campus an advertise, take time to read through university policies related to promoting your brand.

Central Campus Diag & North Campus Grove:

  • Sales or solicitations of sales of any kind are strictly prohibited on the Diag and Grove.
  • Only recognized student organizations and university departments with valid university accounts are eligible to reserve the Diag and Grove.
  • Learn more on the Center for Campus Involvement website.

Soliciting in University Housing facilities:

  • Commercial affiliated advertising, flyering, and access is prohibited and fines may ensue.
  • University Housing deems the entire residence hall as the home to students and commercial solicitation is not permissible. For reasons of safety, access is limited to those who live and work there.  Should you have hired a student who lives in a particular building to place the fliers, you are putting them at risk of them being in conflict with the Community Living at Michigan policy ​(pg. 24) ​of which they agreed to upon signing their UniversityHousing contract.

You may contact the Michigan Daily for newspaper advertisements. 

For events on Ann Arbor public space like sidewalks or parks, you may need a permit. Learn more on the City of Ann Arbor website.

You may reserve a space in the Michigan Union, Michigan League, or Pierpont Commons. 

Partnering with Beyond the Diag to help share about your company is the best way to have your brand get recognized on campus. Learn more about how to participate with Beyond the Diag.