North Burns Park

South of Hill Street and East of Forest, North Burns Park is one of the oldest, most historic residential areas in Ann Arbor. When the city started to expand in the late 1800s, streetcars were constructed to carry North Burns Park residents from the racetrack on the south side of Ann Arbor into town. The area has been home to Professor’s Row – a large collection of University Faculty houses – for over a century. Within the North Burns Park Neighborhood sits The Rock: a three-dimensional canvas for student graffiti and school spirit that was originally purposed as a memorial to George Washington. In 1932, Ann Arbor Park Superintendent Eli Gallup moved The Rock to its present location at Washtenaw and Hill Streets. There is even a plaque commemorating its installation in Washington Park (the official name of the traffic triangle) underneath all those layers of paint, and a time capsule is buried underneath the spot in a lead box.


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Lutheran Campus Ministry: 801 S Forest Ave 
First Church of Christ: 1833 Washtenaw Ave 
First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor: 1432 Washtenaw Ave 

Burns Park 
George Washington Park 
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Common Cup Coffee: 1511 Washtenaw Ave 
Revive & Replenish: 619 E University Ave 
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Ann Arbor Farmers Market: 315 Detroit St