Great Parties Come with Great Responsibilities


Graduation is upon us and the weather is beautiful! Many students are excited to celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family while staying safe and legal. Here are some tips to make your off-campus house party a success! Be sure to check out our Party Safe Tips online, and for additional resources, go to:

Plan Your Party

As you plan your party, remember there are thousands of U-M students who choose to not drink, whether it’s because of personal, legal, religious or sobriety reasons. Among those who do drink, we know the majority stick to 0 to 4 drinks per outing. At U-M, we strive to have a caring community and that means encouraging others to practice safe behaviors, such as setting a limit on the number of drinks they will have.  Look out for your friends and make sure they feel comfortable with the plans. Expect Respect.  Give it. Get it.

Prepare Yourself

Hosts can be held responsible for injuries that an intoxicated person causes or experiences at or after leaving a party. Prepare yourself to be aware of what is happening at your party and to be assertive in keeping things under control. Discourage excessive use of alcohol. Intervene if you see guests hurting themselves or others. If you notice someone getting drunk and losing control, stop serving them alcohol, and offer a non-alcoholic beverage or food to distract them from drinking. Intervene if you see someone intoxicated who wants to drive home. Take the keys away and offer an alternative way home (cab, bus, or ride with a sober friend).

Party Check-List

  • Water, juice, pop and other non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Pizza, sandwiches, nachos and other foods with protein.
  • Designated drivers (if necessary)
  • Phone numbers for cabs and other local transportation services.
  • Download the Stay in the Blue app
  • Make sure you know the signs of an Alcohol Emergency and know what to do.


Contributed by Carol Tucker, University Health Service