Parking in The Snow: A2 Guidelines

Parking in the city of Ann Arbor can be difficult as well as expensive. However, it is important for everyone to follow the city’s guidelines of where to park during the winter months. This will not only help plow truck drivers do a better job clearing the streets, but will also help you to avoid a $115 ticket to the city for violating the city’s regulations--a fine that increases if not paid within the same business day.

During a heavy snowstorm, removing your vehicle from the curbside is beneficial to the snow removal workers. If the city declares a snow emergency, leaving your car on the specified emergency streets is illegal, and your car could be ticketed or towed. Just because your road is being plowed (which happens with the accumulation of 4 inches) doesn’t mean your street is in a snow emergency. To find out if you are parked on a snow emergency street you can visit,, or twitter @A2GOV. You can call with questions or to report streets that need attention. For more information on parking as well as snow removal guidelines, you can visit the city’s website or you can watch the video on parking regulations to keep yourself informed, and help keep our streets snow-free!


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Contributed by Kendal Rosalik