Housing & Roommates

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Looking for off-campus housing?

Housing & Roommates Listings Website

University of Michigan provides an Off-Campus Housing listing website as a resource to the U-M community. 

  • Search property listings by rental price and various amenities, plus view pictures of individual properties.
  • Featuring an interactive map, you will be able to determine a property's location in proximity to Central and North campus, in addition to local bus routes (both AATA and U-M bus routes) and other desired amenities.
  • Utilize the Roommate Finder and Message Boards accessible only to UM students, faculty, and staff. The Roommate Finder will allow you an opportunity to find a roommate or subtenants within the university community.
  • To login, simply use your uniqname and Kerberos password. 


The listing of rental units on offcampushousing.umich.edu is a service to local rental property owners and University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff. Rental property owners are responsible for reporting information fairly and accurately, and the University of Michigan and Off Campus partners cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of such information. Inclusion of any property or rental unit on this website does not constitute, and shall not be construed or reported as (1) an endorsement or approval by the University of Michigan or Off Campus Partners of the landlord, its properties, or its business practices, or (2) a warranty or representation by the University of Michigan or Off Campus Partners as to the equality, safety or other features of such property and/or its owners or management agent(s). The University of Michigan and Off Campus Partners expressly disclaim any and all responsibility for any problems that may arise with regard to such property or rental units or with regard to disputes between landlords and tenants concerning such property or rental units. All prospective tenants are encouraged to exercise their own good judgment when evaluating a prospective rental unit or landlord.

Early Leasing and Right to Renew City Ordinances

On October 3, 2022 the Ann Arbor City Council adopted a Right to Renew Ordinance. The Right to Renew Ordinance requires landlords in Ann Arbor to make a good faith offer to renew a lease to a tenant 180 days prior to the end of their current lease, unless the landlord can establish good cause not to renew to the current tenant.  Relocation assistance is mandated if a landlord fails to offer a renewal or show good cause not to renew.

Henderson House

There are many types of housing available both on- and off-campus to fit students’ needs and preferences. Just one option is Henderson House.

Henderson House is a unique place - a cooperative home for both undergraduate and graduate women committed to sustaining a cohesive, respectful, and welcoming community. 


As the winter semester gets underway, we know that some students are thinking about or even looking for sub-lease options. Beyond The Diag is here to assist students with how to sub-lease successfully!

Looking TO Sub-Lease

  • Reach out to different landlords and leasing companies to ask about current openings. 

  • Make sure you fill out all the appropriate paperwork from your new landlord; some landlords also have admin fees and other costs, as if you are signing a normal lease. 

Take Time Before You Sign

The fall comes with a lot of great traditions - college football, the sound of crunching leaves, the sight of pumpkins on porches, and the unique taste of a Pumpkin Spice Latte…

However, some fall traditions aren’t always as welcome, or necessary. The scramble to find housing off-campus as quickly as possible can create different issues down the line. Before you sign that lease for next year’s housing, there are a few important things to remember:

Tips for Navigating the Housing Search

Are you stressed out searching for housing? Are you just starting your search and feeling a bit alarmed by this article? Don’t panic! Because of the 70 day Early Lease Ordinance, many apartments or homes with a September-September leases are not yet eligible for Fall 2018 signing. However, many students begin researching housing options in the fall. This is where Beyond the Diag comes in! We want you to have the best possible experience looking for housing. Here are some tips to make the search a smoother, less stressful process.