Henderson House

There are many types of housing available both on- and off-campus to fit students’ needs and preferences. Just one option is Henderson House.

Henderson House is a unique place - a cooperative home for both undergraduate and graduate women committed to sustaining a cohesive, respectful, and welcoming community. 

Located within walking distance of Central Campus, Henderson House was first purchased by the University’s Alumnae Council in 1945 as a place where women could live, work and study at a much-reduced price – nearly half the cost of living in the dorms. Today, Henderson House is led by a graduate student Resident Director as well as a student-elected Steering Committee. Students share household responsibilities like cooking and cleaning while also enjoying several comfortable living spaces besides their assigned room. At their disposal is a large, updated kitchen with various appliances, a living room with a grand piano, a TV room with cable, a computer room with a printer, several study rooms, and a relaxing screened-in porch. 
In addition to the physical amenities, residents can also benefit from their relationship with the Henderson House Board of Governors, a group liaison between Henderson House and the University of Michigan Housing. The Board of Governors advocates for the needs of both the residents and the physical building of Henderson House while offering scholarship opportunities, group outings, and alumni connections. Interested students may contact Hall Director, Audrey Smith: 734-647-8337 or [email protected].