Early Leasing and Right to Renew City Ordinances


On October 3, 2022 the Ann Arbor City Council adopted a Right to Renew Ordinance. The Right to Renew Ordinance requires landlords in Ann Arbor to make a good faith offer to renew a lease to a tenant 180 days prior to the end of their current lease, unless the landlord can establish good cause not to renew to the current tenant.  Relocation assistance is mandated if a landlord fails to offer a renewal or show good cause not to renew.

Please note: the Right to Renew Ordinance is a new ordinance, and there is some uncertainty regarding its application. This ordinance may apply to leases currently in effect, as well as new leases. Please note that use of waitlists by housing providers is not explicitly covered by either the Early Leasing Ordinance or the Right to Renew Ordinance. If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact Student Legal Services or the Renters Commission.

The Early Leasing Ordinance remains in effect in Ann Arbor.  Although the Early Leasing Ordinance does not provide a right to renew a lease, it does require landlords to notify current tenants of the terms and conditions for a new lease, no later than 180 days before the end of the current lease period. This notice must include the date by which a tenant must inform the landlord if they accept a new lease for the same unit.  This date cannot be sooner than 150 days before the end of the current lease. Additionally, the Early Leasing Ordinance prohibits landlords from showing the rental property to prospective tenants or entering into an agreement to rent to another tenant until 150 days before the end of the current lease.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Gayle Rosen at Student Legal Services