Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Each year, students feel pressure to begin their housing search in early fall and many problems arise. The City of Ann Arbor passed the Early Leasing Ordinance (8:530) stating that landlords may not show prospective tenants a property until 70 days after the start of the current lease. Landlords may not enter into an agreement to lease the property for the following year until the 70 days have passed as well. This ordinance is designed to prevent students from making hasty decisions regarding housing, since leases are binding contracts that are difficult to break. Read more on the Ann Arbor's Code of Ordinances website.

Educate yourself about property listings by visiting the U-M Off Campus Housing website, you may select favorite properties and share those properties with friends and family members within the site. If you are interested in a certain unit but the ordinance prevents the landlord from showing you the unit, you may send an email or phone message to the landlord noting your interest. The landlord will be able to show you the unit once the seventy days have passed. Please note that the ordinance does not apply to properties with a lease less than nine months.