Finding Housing

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Finding Housing in Spring and Summer

Many students leave Ann Arbor during the spring and summer, but we recognize that there are still a lot of people who need housing during that period. If you are looking for spring or summer accommodation, take a look at our off-campus housing search website. This is a time of year where some housing providers may be offering shorter-term lease options, and some students may also advertise their space as a sub-lease. This can be a less-expensive option for off-campus housing, especially if you’re looking for an option for shorter than a normal lease length. If you do decide to go with a sub-lease, don’t forget to communicate your plans with the housing provider and any other students that you may be living with.

Housing for 2023-2024

We recognize that although many students may already have a plan in place for their fall semester housing, some students are still exploring their options. These groups may include transfer students, graduate students, or other students who have recently been offered a place at the University of Michigan. You can check availability using our housing search website. When contacting housing providers, remember to make it clear that you are looking for a fall lease. The search website allows you to search by area, min/max rent, type of housing, amenities, and lots of other features and criteria that will help you to narrow your search results.

If you have questions about the housing search process, or would like advice and support, please contact Beyond The Diag at [email protected] / 734-764-7420.

Additionally, our Student Legal Services team includes licensed attorneys who can meet with you to discuss your housing issues and concerns, and also review your lease with you prior to signing. If you would like to schedule an appointment with them, please click here.