Beyond The Diag - Spring 2023

Column 1

U-M Travel Registry and Insurance

As we are approaching the summer travel season, we wanted to provide important guidance and resources for those planning to travel abroad. We urge all U-M students and current faculty and staff traveling abroad - even on personal travel - to plan for the unexpected with U-M’s affordable and comprehensive Travel Abroad Health Insurance through GeoBlue.

Summer travel tips include:

Securing your property during the summer

With the weather getting warmer, you may be tempted to leave doors and windows open and unlocked, to allow for ventilation. Home intruders and criminals look for these types of easy access points, as it offers the quickest access to your home and valuables. If you are leaving your house, even for a short period of time, please ensure that all doors and windows are properly closed and locked, including any upstairs windows. If you have a door or window that can’t be fully closed and locked, please report it to your landlord immediately.

Spot a Scam, Stop a Scam

Colleagues in DPSS have advised that job and employment scams have become more complex and sophisticated in recent months, with some scammers using fake checks that include the Michigan “Block M” and convincing wording. If you ever receive an image of a check for deposit or are promised funds in connection to an unknown activity, be aware that this may be fraud. To be safe, contact the relevant university department to verify the information that you have received.

Time to Breathe, Time to Reflect

Now that the academic year has come to a close, it’s a great time to take a deep breath and reflect on how you’re feeling. Did you have a good school year? Are there any aspects of your well-being that you’d like to focus on? One of the many advantages of being at a large university is that we have access to a wide range of wellness services and resources right on and near campus.

Summer in Ann Arbor

A2SF (Ann Arbor Summer Festival) If you enjoy live music then this is the event for you! This four-week event in June offers over 200 concerts, art exhibitions, kid activities, film screenings and spectacles. A majority of these events are free to the public but they do offer complimentary and low-cost tickets to students. Top of the Park is the outdoor program element, and typically takes place on Ingalls Mall, and this year runs June 9-25. Descriptions of the events being hosted are listed here and you can find the calendar and ticket information on the website.

Health and Wellness during Festival Season

Are you attending a music festival for the first time this summer? Have you attended before but it’s been a while? Wolverine Wellness has created a webinar as an excellent resource for anyone who might be planning to attend a music (or other) festival this summer. It offers some important advice, including things to look out for and some practical tips on how to stay healthy and well throughout the festival, as well as information on personal safety, substance use safety, and Naloxone