M Dining - Preparing for the Next Chapter!


Summer is almost here! As the winter semester ends and the spring and summer semesters begin, here are a few important dining-related reminders.

  1. The window to participate in the buy-ahead program is closing fast! If you want to buy a meal plan for next year at this year’s prices, make sure to do so by May 31st. There are a variety of plans available to fit every individual student’s needs, and utilizing the buy ahead program is a great way to save money and prepare for next year at the same time! Visit https://dining.umich.edu/meal-plans-rates/2023-buy-ahead/ to learn more and purchase your plan for next year!

  2. Because there are fewer students on campus during these spring and summer semesters, the dining halls, cafés, markets, and grills have hours of operation different from the regular school year. Most dining halls and markets are closed, and the ones that are open have limited hours, so make sure you check before you decide to visit! Go to https://dining.umich.edu/menus-locations/regularhours/ to learn more about specific establishments’ hours during the spring and summer semesters.