Beyond The Diag - November 2023

Column 1

As we head into the holiday period, take a look at this month's newsletter for lots of information on sporting events, holiday activities, and support and resources for students living off campus.

Take Time Before You Sign

We know this is the time of year when many students begin thinking about and searching for next year’s housing. This can be an exciting process, but can also be confusing, daunting and tricky to navigate for some students.

Ann Arbor and winter entertainment

The city is well known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, and even though the weather may be getting colder, there are plenty of opportunities to watch a classic movie or a live show.

Conflict and the Holiday Season

You may be seeing family over the upcoming break and we understand that this can sometimes lead to some conflicts and disagreements. How do you communicate to your great aunt that she really doesn’t have to bring her famous peanut butter fudge to every family gathering?