Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Return to Campus - vaccine requirements and information

The university is excited, prepared and ready to welcome our community of students, staff and faculty back onto campus this fall, for a whole variety of in-person classes, activities and events. Fall is a wonderful time at U-M, and we are looking forward to this year.

Football season - night game!

There are many exciting elements to being on campus and in Ann Arbor during the fall, and chief among them is home football games at the Big House. We are excited to see fans returning to the stadium, and also recognize that there are some important steps that we can take to stay safe, and enjoy the fan experience.

The first four games of the season are all at home in Ann Arbor, and there will be lots of opportunities around campus to enjoy the atmosphere, celebrate school spirit, and be part of the pre- and post-game festivities.


At the beginning of the fall semester each year, the Beyond The Diag goes out into the neighborhoods of Ann Arbor, to engage with student residents. This is the 10th edition of our annual Canvassing event, and we are excited to see it return, after a one-year absence due to COVID-19. Canvassing gives us the opportunity to link up with on- and off-campus partners, to share key messages on housing, safety, community engagement and opportunities for students to get involved. This year’s Canvassing event took place on Wednesday, August 25.

Welcome to Michigan events

We recognize that for all of us, the past year has been far from normal. Between masks, testing, vaccines, and other changes, there has been a lot of impact on our lives. We are so excited to be welcoming students back to Ann Arbor for in-person classes, activities and events. There are so many opportunities for you to experience student life in the city, make new friends, and re-connect with familiar faces.

Re-Use / Recycling in Ann Arbor

Are you leaving your rental or starting a new lease and need to get rid of trash, useful household items, or recycling? The City of Ann Arbor can help!

Early Lease Ordinance - updated August 2021

Each year, students feel pressure to begin their housing search in early fall and many problems arise. In August 2021, the City of Ann Arbor has amended its Early Leasing Ordinance stating that landlords may not show prospective tenants property until 150 days before the end of the current lease term. This change applies to all leases in the city that exceed eight months.