Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Expect Respect

The role of the Expect Respect program is to work with students and campus departments to create programs that foster an inclusive and socially aware and just campus environment. Expect respect is focused on creating a campus environment where everyone feels that they belong. With help from the Expect Respect Student steering committee, and different Student Life departments, we will work collaboratively to support and develop campus events and programs that promote respect and diversity on campus for all students, faculty and staff. 

Speech bubble that says "Stop. Think. Your words matter"

Secure Your Laptop, Smartphone, and Bicycle

Laptops, cell phones, bicycles, and other personal electronics are easy targets for theft. In addition to the cost of replacement, they may have personal information and intellectual property that can be difficult or impossible to recover and protect. The good news is that the University of Michigan Police Department offers free Laptop, Personal Electronics and Bicycle Registration Programs to members of the campus community! By registering your devices, it can help deter theft and assist in the recovery of stolen property.

Block M sticker for UMPD electronics registration.

Plan Ahead! Spend Summer Abroad

Although winter semester is just getting under way, it’s time to start making plans for summer break, in order to take full advantage of both the warm weather and four months free of books and classwork. I have found no better way to spend this time than to study abroad. Not only can you gain language skills, you can also get work or internship opportunities, meet great people, and   experience another culture separate from your own.

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Night Owl: A Safe Ride for Off-Campus Residents

There is a new form of late night transportation for students who live off-campus, the Night Owl. Brought to you by the Central Student Government and the Interfraternity Council, the Night Owl is a bus route specifically designed to serve students living off-campus with routes that go through several of the most populated neighborhoods such as East University and Oxford Housing. It runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 10pm until 3 am.

Map of the Night Owl Bus Route Loop

Quick-Facts: Sexual Misconduct Policy

  • RESPECT. The policy applies to all UM students. All students engaging in this policy can expect to be treated with respect as the University seeks to provide an appropriate, private, timely and fair response to reports of sexual misconduct by students.
Expect Respect. Give it. Get it.