Navigating SAPAC

On campus, there are so many resources (and acronyms to go with them) that it would be in our best interest to get familiar with. One such resource is SAPAC,   or the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center. SAPAC offers support   for survivors of sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment, and domestic   violence; the organization offers a 24-hour crisis line (734-936-3333) that may   be used by any individuals who are in need of support or counseling. This line   may be used whenever an individual is feeling triggered and is also open to the   loved ones of sexual assault survivors who may be experiencing distress. SAPAC also has a peer-led support group for survivors of sexual assault, where survivors may connect and support with one another; email [email protected] for more information about the meeting time and place. SAPAC also offers events throughout the school year that promote social justice and understanding around sexualized violence and healthy relationships.

In addition, SAPAC does a workshop for all first-years called Relationship Remix that focuses on asking for consent and understanding sexual assault. Feel free to request a workshop or dialogue by SAPAC if you know a student organization that wants to learn more about consent, healthy relationships, supporting survivors, and sexualized violence.

All services by SAPAC (usage of the crisis line, peer led support group, SAPAC’s workshop requests, etc.) are free and open to students of all identities! SAPAC is primarily comprised of undergraduate and graduate student volunteers along with interns and professional staff members. Want to get involved in SAPAC by becoming a volunteer? Email [email protected] or call the SAPAC office at 734-764-7771. SAPAC’s office is located at North Quadrangle, 105 S State St, Room 2450. Visit for more information.

Contributed by Mel Bonnici