Beyond The Diag - February 2023

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Winter Housing Fairs

If you are in the process of searching for off-campus housing next year, or would like to learn more about the options available, consider attending one of Beyond the Diag’s upcoming housing fairs..The Winter Housing Fair offers students the opportunity to connect with off-campus housing providers, learn more about off-campus housing options, and find support when theylive off-campus. An in-person Housing Fair will take place on Tuesday, February 21. If you are not in Ann Arbor or would prefer to join us virtually, you can come to our Virtual Housing Fair on Thursday, February 23.

UMich Votes

Last November students at the University of Michigan ensured that their voices were heard at the ballot boxes during the general election. Over 4,000 people took advantage of the satellite Ann Arbor City Clerk’s offices at UMMA and the Duderstadt Center in 2022, which made registering to vote and casting a vote on election day more accessible to students. UMich Votes would like to ensure that students have an even better experience in the lead-up to the 2024 election.

CSG AirBus

We are fast approaching the mid-point in the semester, and many students are making plans for Spring Break. If you are planning to travel via Detroit Metro airport, then you can make a reservation on our AirBus service now!

For information on bus stops, schedule, reservations, and contact info, please visit


Prevention Starts With All

On the evening of Wednesday March 8th, 2023 join us at Ann Arbor’s historic Michigan Theater to hear the unforgettable story of a former NBA athlete’s journey to sobriety. In this very personal presentation, Chris Herren will share his recovery story in a brutally honest format, with just a microphone. Make plans now to attend this inspiring presentation, as Chris shares his journey navigating the disease of addiction, the road to recovery and his mission to reach just one person and make a difference. Chris's talk will be followed by a Q&A with the community.

Big Heart Blood Battle

It’s time for the annual Big Heart Blood Battle! From January 13th to February 22nd, students at the University of Michigan will be facing off against students from several of our Big 10 rivals, including Michigan State, Penn State, and Wisconsin, to see which campus can donate the most blood. The Big Heart Blood Battle is looking for students to join the fight to help save lives across the state and country. Donating blood is crucial, and your support is important now more than ever.

Body Image Resilience group coaching

Many college students struggle with negative body image and fall victim to the extremely pervasive diet culture. Wolverine Wellness is aiming to combat this by providing a positive community atmosphere in a three-part series that will encourage students to be self aware and appreciate all the things that make them uniquely themselves.

Recent ticket scams

The Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS) has seen an increase in reports of fraudulent tickets being sold online for basketball and hockey tickets. Scammers are asking students to send a picture of their MCard to 'prove' they are a student, then proceed to use the MCard image to scam other students.  Authentic ticket sales sites will not ask you to send your ID in this way - please protect your identity and information, and avoid being a victim of this scam.

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, please contact DPSS at 734-763-1131.

M Dining Survey

M Dining is always looking for opportunities to develop and improve the experience provided to the university community, and as part of this, they want to hear from you! If there is anything that you would like to see improved about the dining options here at the University of Michigan or have any positive experiences to share, you can share your thoughts in a new survey.

Office of Student Conflict Resolution

The Office of Student Conflict Resolution helps students navigate conflict in a peaceful, socially just, and self-reflexive manner.  OSCR offers a number of conflict resolution pathways and approaches that are educationally focused, student-driven, community owned, and restorative in nature, which are adaptable to meet the needs of individuals experiencing conflict. Here OSCR presents you some tips on how to communicate respectfully.

Palmer Field Temporary Facility - now open!

Located on Palmer Field and just minutes from the Diag, the Palmer Field Temporary Facility is open and ready to help you keep up with your fitness and wellness goals while the new CCRB is under construction.

Features of the new facility include:

Rec Sports Adventure Leadership trips

Looking to get away for Spring Break? Rec Sports Adventure Leadership has announced two new trips for Spring break. Each trip features stops in the Smoky Mountains and Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia and one of the trips includes a visit to Mammoth Cave for a deep cave adventure on the way back to Michigan.