Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Night Ride Options

Hesitant about walking home alone at night and in the cold? Luckily the University of Michigan has a variety of options that allow students, faculty, and staff to get free or subsidized transportation from campus to local residences or parked vehicles, and anywhere within Ann Arbor. 

Night Ride taxi

Love and Respect: Beyond Valentine's Day Couples

Although Valentine's Day is a holiday focused on couples in love, this holiday also creates an opportunity to extend your appreciation and gratitude to the larger network of individuals that influence your life. The holiday’s message of love and admiration should not be restricted to romantic couples, but also extended to the larger network of individuals who influence our lives.

Give it. Get it. Expect Respect.

Study Abroad Opportunities

As we begin the new semester, we dream of being somewhere a little more exotic than the MLB or Chem Building. While we have all grown to love Ann Arbor and call it home, studying abroad is a great opportunity to have your classroom daydreams come true and experience different cultures.   

Student covered in a Michigan Flag with a mountainous landscape in the background.

Joining the Wolverine Support Network

Launching this semester, is a peer-to-peer mental health support   network open to all students. This organization is called the Wolverine Support Network. The Wolverine Support Network has 23 different meeting groups that will meet weekly for 60-90 minutes “Because Life Happens” - as the organization’s tag line reads. Each group will be lead by two trained facilitators and the groups are not identity, affiliation, or diagnosis-based.

Wolverine Support Network, Because Life Happens

Off-Campus Meal Plan Options

We’ve all made the decision to move out of the residence halls so we can experience off-campus housing, and, in exchange we have a new set of responsibilities and accompanying questions. One of the most common concerns about moving off-campus is how we’re going get our meals. Do you have the time to cook for yourself? Should you split your meals between take out and cooking? Unfortunately, your budget often limits your food intake.