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Winter Break - Expect Respect

Happy ‘almost-winter-break’ to everyone, a much needed time off after a semester full of events, hard work and dedication! Congratulations on all the work and accomplishments you were able to achieve this semester! During this time, please keep in mind that not everyone is celebrating holidays during this time of the year.

Slogan for Expect Respect

Cookies, Hot Chocolate, and Rice Krispies Oh My!

As the holiday season approaches I know one of my favorite parts is, of course, the food! Whether for your friend’s ugly sweater party or something you take to grandmas, it is always great to bring a festive treat. Here are some quick and simple recipes to make your holiday’s a little bit sweeter!

Melting Snowman Cookie

Tips for Academic Success If You Are Sick

As winter rapidly approaches the U of M campus, it is time for us students to bundle up and embrace the cold breeze and icy snowflakes. Although it is imperative to stay warm during this time of the year, one must also master the art of studying effectively while sick. Here are some great tips to help you kick-start your upcoming solo review sessions!

Sick and tired.

Winter Crafts - Quick and Easy!

Are you wishing that winter could last forever? Surely the answer is no. However, maybe when spring and summer come around, you’ll be thinking to yourself how much you miss the holiday season and snow! Well, good news- here are a few ideas that you can use to keep winter around indefinitely in some shape or form.

Mason Jar Snow Globe

Thanksgiving - a Time to be Grateful AND Mindful

Thanksgiving is almost here! Students are travelling for the long weekend and many are heading home to spend a greatly anticipated home-cooked meal with friends/family. However, it is important to keep in mind the implications that this holiday has in regards to history and to those who are unable to spend this time with loved ones.

Thanksgiving Block M