Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Ahhhhh, spring. The flowers are blooming, we’re swapping our boots for sneakers and sandals, people are hammocking everywhere…and finals are upon us. For many of us, this time of year is bittersweet; the weather is beginning to improve and thinking about the future is exciting, but finals can become a cloud hanging over the springtime positivity. It’s not all bad though, and here are a few top tips to help you take care of yourself during these vital last few weeks:


  1. Pick a good spot to study. This may seem obvious, but a good study spot can make all the difference. Find somewhere that’s quiet, that has an accessible outlet, and that has flexible hours. Favorite spots are the study cubicles in the upper floors of Hatcher— they all have outlets, they are cubicles so there’s not much environmental distraction, it’s silent, and all the windows have great views of central campus.


  1. Take breaks. Another obvious one, but people seem to forget about the importance 

of breaks during finals. The brain isn’t designed to focus for hours on end, and as we get tired or hungry, it’s important to listen to your body and take a break! Try scheduling short bursts of focused study time, interspersed with regular breaks. Try going on a walk (see below), grab food (also see below), or watch a 20 minute tv show with a friend - just don’t accidentally end up binge-ing four episodes!


  1. Take time outside. Time outside, in natural sunlight, is good for your brain, body, and overall well-being. It also offers your brain something called “soft fascination”, which allows your brain to revitalize your attention and continue working with better concentration later. Even a short walk outside (without noise or distractions) can help your brain refresh. To learn more about “soft fascination”, check out this article


  1. Remember to eat. I’m sure many people have found themselves in the middle of a study session, only to realize that they haven’t eaten for hours. It’s easy to forget to eat in the midst of stress, but the brain uses a lot of fuel, so it’s important to give it what it needs! Bring lots of snacks to any study session and listen to your body— if you feel hungry, take a break and get some food from home or your favorite snack stop on campus. Try to eat something nourishing and filling, but also remember that it’s okay to eat a finals week cookie when you need it!


  1. Keep your room clean. Some people don’t have this issue, but for some people, your space can reflect your state of mind. Times of high stress can lead to a messier home environment, but this can often add to higher levels of stress. Taking time to keep your room clean(ish) might actually help to lower your stress levels.


Remember to prioritize your mental health this final season by following these tips. If you need extra support or advice, please reach out and ask for help:


Dean of Students Office

Wolverine Wellness

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)