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Halloween is coming, and as we scramble for our costumes in the next few weeks, here’s an easy, fail-proof method to take your costumes to the next level.  This special effects makeup is perfect for creating any type of scar, and you only need four simple and affordable tools: a bottle of liquid latex, a brush, foundation and eyeshadows.

Pictured is a tutorial made for Prince Zuko’s facial burn scar, but feel free to recreate this on any part of your body to your liking!


Step by step:

  1. Start with bare face and paint on liquid latex to area of the scar; get a good feel of how big you want the scar to be and outline it with the latex.
  2. Rip up small pieces of toilet paper (or tissue, make sure it's a single thin layer), and lay it over the area you just painted. Make sure to work fast because the latex dries quickly!
  3. Keep building up layers and textures as you see fit.  With each new tissue paper paint on a new layer of liquid latex then stick.  This does not have to be neat at all, it's a scar after all
  4. Use a make-up foundation over the scar area (this step can be skipped, but I do find this to be a better base to build the color on!  Consult your friend who uses foundation on the regular if you need help finding your shade.  Concealer works too.)
  5. Mix some red, brown and black eyeshadow together to get the shade you want for your scar and use a pat and press motion to paint it on; be patient and cover every area of the tissue paper.
  6. Color your entire eye area, as demonstrated in the photo, and your scar is all set to go!


Contributed By: Jess Xinyi Liu