Ready, Set, Shovel!

You may be thinking that you are aware of all there is to know about shoveling snow and what exactly you are responsible for. In fact, you’ve probably been shoveling snow for your neighbors since you were a little kid! But did you know…

Ann Arbor requires its residents to clear away snow and ice from sidewalks, crosswalk ramps, a path to your mailbox, and bus stops that lie in front of your property within 24 hours of the snowfall.

If you live by a fire hydrant, you have an extra responsibility to the city. All fire hydrants must stay clear of snow and they must remain accessible throughout the winter. It’s alright if you don’t want to shovel any of your snow or face your off-campus winter responsibilities, but you should also know that the Ann Arbor Police Department will be stopping by to give you one warning before you are subject to fines.

Clearing the sidewalks of snow and ice will help keep your neighbors safe on those frosty winter mornings, especially for those students who have a long walk to campus. When shoveling away that snow, make sure you don’t dump it onto the roads! The city works hard to clear the streets so that they are safe for driving residents- and we all know that driving in Ann Arbor is difficult as it is!

Salting the sidewalks after shoveling the snow is one of the best ways to keep the neighborhood safe. If you don’t have any salt, the city will provide up to 5 gallons of a free salt/sand mixture at 721 N Main St. Just bring your own shovel and bucket and you can fill up on the mixture on your own!

Lastly, pay attention to the weather reports and be prepared to move your car into a driveway so you are not blocked in when a snowplow comes through. Be aware of winter street parking rules! Also move garbage bins, basketball hoops, and other big objects off the road to avoid any complications.

Enjoy the cold winter ahead Wolverines. Happy shoveling!


Contributed by: Jake Silver