Expect Respect

The role of the Expect Respect program is to work with students and campus departments to create programs that foster an inclusive and socially aware and just campus environment. Expect respect is focused on creating a campus environment where everyone feels that they belong. With help from the Expect Respect Student steering committee, and different Student Life departments, we will work collaboratively to support and develop campus events and programs that promote respect and diversity on campus for all students, faculty and staff. 

This summer, Expect Respect worked with the Inclusive Language Campaign (ILC), which is a new student initiative sponsored by Expect Respect. The Inclusive Language Campaign had its official kick-off event this past Monday 9/15 in the Pendleton Room in the Union where its campaign launched encouraging students to think about the power of their words, and to use language that is respectful to one another. The event provided students the chance to sign the ILC pledge, share past experiences where offensive or hurtful language was felt. There was also free food, mixers, a photo booth, and student performances to create a welcoming environment.

The new school year is an opportunity for Expect Respect to create programs that foster campus diversity and inclusiveness. However, this is not a program that can be successful alone. Expect Respect encourages you to contact us with any ideas or thoughts you have about ways to make campus a more welcoming, inclusive, and diverse campus for all. Feel free to e-mail the Program Assistant, Kidada Malloy ([email protected]) or set up an in-person meeting.

For more information about the Expect Respect Program, visit the Expect Respect website.  Anyone who feels they have been affected by a campus climate concern is encouraged to make a report by calling 734-615-2427 or using the online reporting form. To learn more about reporting a campus climate concern, visit the Dean of Student's website

The Inclusive Language Campaign is also active on Facebook- be sure to “like” the page! Contributed by Kidada Malloy, Expect Respect Program Assistant