Building a respectful and inclusive community with Expect Respect

Hello Wolverines!


Q: Why did the bicycle fall over on March 1st? – Stay tuned until the end for the punchline!


Happy March from the Expect Respect Team! We’re here to remind everyone about the importance of appreciating our differences and openly engaging with people of differing worldviews. In doing so, we develop the essential skills of understanding and empathy.


We at Expect Respect believe it is vital to create a respectful and inclusive environment that provides community members with support and a sense of belonging. Making the world a better place begins with having respect for yourself and others. It’s up to each one of us  to create a culture where every individual is treated with dignity and can therefore thrive.


To keep our campus climate safe and welcoming, here are some ideas of what respect might look like in our community:


  • Treating others the way you want to be treated; being mindful of your impact on others
  • Engaging in open, constructive, and inclusive dialogue
  • Understanding that people with different backgrounds and viewpoints enrich our university experience and environment

With all of the exciting events that March brings, we encourage you to find new, creative, and safe ways to celebrate and have fun. Whether you plan on going a little green or partaking in the madness this March, be safe by remembering to Stay in the Blue. We all want to maintain a safe and welcoming campus, so we need our fellow Wolverines to work together and show respect for each other. Go Blue!


A: Because it was two tired from February!