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The University of Michigan’s Central Student Government, or CSG for short, represents all students in the University of Michigan’s nineteen constituent colleges. Every year students go to the voting booths to elect CSG’s President, Vice President, and their college’s representatives to the Student Assembly. Your Central Student Government helps improve the daily lives of Michigan students, present and future. Various executive commissions make up CSG and help our student body receive all kinds of resources. Here is some more information on the various branches of CSG and how they can help you!  


Student Organization Funding Commission

CSG’s Student Organization Funding Commission is responsible for awarding funding to the over 250 student organizations. They help subsidize the cost of planning events and activities that impact the University of Michigan campus or the greater Ann Arbor area. If your student organization is interested in applying for funding, you can find more information on the application process on CSG’s Website.  

Student Health and Safety Commission

The Student Health and Safety Commission carries out initiatives designed to improve the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of students by coordinating with various on-campus resources, such as Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Wolverine Wellness, the University Health Services (UHS), and the Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS).

Campus Climate Commission

The Campus Climate Commission focuses on improving equity on campus by concentrating on issues related to racial, LGBTQ+, and gender equality. This commission partners with a variety of other on-campus organizations to discuss these issues. Their work is not limited to these issues; they also handle other concerns about equity and the campus climate.

Community Improvement and Engagement Commission

The Community Improvement and Engagement Commission works to help engage the University of Michigan with our neighboring communities, including the City of Ann Arbor, the Detroit Metro Area, and the state of Michigan.

Bicentennial Commission

The Bicentennial Commission is a special commission running during the 2017 calendar year to help plan and coordinate events related to the University’s bicentennial.

Academic Affairs Commission

The Academic Affairs Commission works closely with University faculty and staff to ensure students are treated fairly throughout their academic studies. The Commission performs audits of curricula, collects student input, and provides recommendations on how to address academic issues.

Wolverine Consulting Group

The Wolverine Consulting Group provides consulting services to student organizations on campus to help them maximize their efforts in performing their function. The commission focuses their consulting on finance, leadership, and marketing to help student groups operate to the best of their ability.

Research and Polling Commission

The Research and Polling Commission collects, interprets, and presents polling data related to issues CSG is working to address. The Executive Team and the Student Assembly use this information to ensure that their projects are supported by the larger student body.


If you are interested in getting involved with any of these commissions or have further questions about how CSG can assist you or your organization, you can contact the commission chairs. Remember, Central Student Government is here to help and support YOU!


-Contributed by Tyler Swink, Neighborhood Ambassador-Old Fourth Ward