Winter is Coming!

Whether you love or hate Michigan winters, soon we all will be breaking out our parkas and saying goodbye to our beloved iced coffee. Living in a nineteenth century Kerrytown house may prove to be difficult. But, if you live in a house with subpar heating, here are some cheap tricks to stay warm without the risk of breaking your radiators:

Bundle Up

Invest in some comfy sweatshirts and fuzzy socks to keep you warm throughout your house. You may also find a blanket collection to be helpful; you can buy some inexpensive ones from Meijer or ask friends and family if they have any spares to donate. Keeping a blanket on every couch and bed ensures that no matter where somebody sits, they have something to bundle up with. Flannel sheets are also a blessing in disguise; my bed is right next to a window and they never fail to keep me warm (even on a polar vortex day).

Purchase a Space Heater

Beware, though! Space heaters can take up a lot of energy and can be a safety hazard, so be sure to turn them off whenever you leave your room to save money and as a safety precaution. Consider turning your thermostat down at night to save money; the dollars saved can go towards more blankets!

Move Furniture Away from Windows

Rearranging your room is also a fun way to spice things up! However, be careful to not move furniture too close to a radiator so as to allow for heat circulation and avoid fire hazards.


Window Insulation Kits

These kits come in the form of plastic wrap to help cover inefficiency in your windows. They are easy to install, fairly inexpensive, and can save money on your energy bill!


-Contributed by Caitlin R., Neighborhood Ambassador