Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Many bikes locked up on campus

When the weather is warm, having a bike on campus can be a huge help! It can make the trek to class seem shorter and give you a new way to explore all that Ann Arbor has to offer. But when the streets freeze over and it gets too slick to ride, or you move off campus and need a place to put your bike year-round, finding storage space can be tricky! Check out these tips for seasonal or year-round bike storage to save space while keeping your ride in great shape!

  • Storage - If you have a house with basement storage or a personal garage, this can be a great place to keep your bike out of everyone’s way until you need it next. Just be sure that you have a garage door or some way to lock up your bike in order to keep it safe and secure!
  • Lean It – Regardless of where you’re storing it, reduce extra wear on your bike by touching the handlebars or seat to a nearby wall. This will save space and ensure the bike’s frame does not get dented or scuffed while it is being stored.
  • Hang It – If you don’t have the floor space to lean your bike, consider hanging it from a wall in your bedroom, living room, or garage. Many stores and websites offer inexpensive hooks and bike racks to attach to walls, if your lease allows it! To avoid putting extra weight on the tires, consider hanging your bike upside down – this will help keep everything in great condition!
  • Clean It – Before storing your bike, clean it to keep lingering salts or fertilizers from rusting or eroding any part of your bike’s frame.
  • Tire Care – It is also possible to reduce the wear on your tires by filling them with air prior to storage (this will help keep them from becoming inconsistently worn) or taking them off of your bike (putting less pressure on tires and making your bike easier to hang).
  • Register It – Register bikes and electronics with the University's Division of Public Safety and Security for year-round safety!

As you explore Ann Arbor this fall, be sure to ride safely, find a secure place for your bike, and, as always, go blue!


Contributed By: Anna Collins