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Super Bowl 51 Logo

In light of Super Bowl LI (51), Tom Brady's history making performance, and the halftime show from Lady Gaga, we can celebrate the end of yet another amazing football season by ranking some of the best and the most notable commercials aired during this year’s game.


Most Inspirational: "Yearbook" by Honda

In this star-studded commercial featuring cameos from entertainment icons like Tina Fey, Magic Johnson, Missy Elliott and Jimmy Kimmel, Honda used an animated yearbook showing how the stars stay true to their personal brands and goals since their younger days.


Most Refreshing: "Bai Bai Bai" by Bai

Best known for making antioxidant-infused energy drinks, Bai has shown off its creative juice (no pun intended), as the Super Bowl commercial was put together with an extra punny cameo from Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken.


Most Eye Opening: "Born the Hard Way" by Budweiser

In this minute-long commercial, Budweiser depicted the founding of Anheuser Busch and highlighted the idea of pursuing the American dream. The commercial touched on recent political topics such as immigration. Kudos to Budweiser in being able to work out this well-timed piece to our political conversation.


Most Creative: "Cleaner of Your Dreams" by Mr. Clean

As the Official Cleaner of Super Bowl LI, Mr. Clean has certainly left its mark (no irony intended) with this half-minute commercial. In the video, a lucky lady has her house cleaned by the "cleaner of her dreams," a man in an all-white outfit — whom later turned out to be her husband. The main takeaway: the mops from Mr. Clean probably will not turn you into a Vin Diesel-like cleaner, but they seem to do the job.


Contributed By: Eric Gao