Summer Employment

As second semester begins, Michigan students begin considering their options for the summer. Because our Winter semester finishes by the end of April, Michigan students can get a head start on summer opportunities. If you are interested in jobs, internships, and other opportunities, check out these resources to get an early start on your summer search!

The Career Center is a great place to start. Located by the Cube at 515 E. Jefferson Street, the Career Center is trained to help students find the right job. Booking appointments can be done easily through their website. Services include resume and cover letter workshops, advice on exploring major and career options, and tips and strategies for successful interviews.

One of the best ways to search for jobs or internships is through Handshake, the Career Center’s interactive search tool. You will create a profile - similar to LinkedIn - then you can filter your search by industry, job type, major, salary, and location among others. Handshake also features events on campus such as recruiting, career fairs, and lectures.

If you are curious about what Michigan graduates are doing in the professional world, the University Career Alumni Network (UCAN) is another awesome resource. Once you create a profile, UCAN recommends professional connections based on your major, activities, and interests. These professional connections can answer questions and help you gain an understanding of an industry through an informational interview. Our alumni enjoy paying it forward through coaching students, and they are a great resource for starting a professional network.

Don’t forget that your own personal network is always one of your most valuable resources. Reach out to parents and friends for guidance. The people who know you best can always give you the most personal advice and provide you with valuable connections.

Whether you’re a first-year student looking for an internship or a graduating senior in search of career opportunities, these resources can help you find the job that is right for you. 


Good luck on the job hunt and Go Blue!


Contributed by Jake Silver, Program Assistant