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Give it. Get it. Expect Respect!

I don’t think it could be better summarized than this quote from the Canadian Mental Health Association:

“The lives of people with mental health conditions are often plagued by stigma as well as discrimination.  Stigma is a negative stereotype.  Stigma is a reality for many people with a mental illness, and they report that how others judge them is one of their greatest barriers to a complete and satisfying life.”

About 18.2% of Americans age 18 and up suffer from some sort of mental illness, and about 5.5% suffer from depression.  That is a large amount of the population, about 42.5 million people, that are silently suffering, and meanwhile walking with and next to us every day.  Some of those people sit next to us in class and live with us in our apartments or houses. One in every 12 U.S. college students makes a suicide plan, according to National Data on Campus Suicide and Depression.

People who are coping with mental health issues are subject to various forms judgement and stigma.  It is on all of us to work collectively to combat these negative feelings and judgments. Everyone deserves respect. It is crucial to be cognizant of how your actions, words, and attitudes could perpetuate the stigma attached to mental health. The important thing here is to get educated, so you can help yourself and others who may be suffering. Here are some ways to get involved in your own mental health education.

15th Annual University of Michigan Depression on College Campuses Conference:

  • When: March 20-21, 2017
  • Where: University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School Building
  • Goals of the conference include continuing to raise awareness and working to destigmatize the issue of depression on college campuses
  • 50 Colleges and Universities will be in attendance
  • Registration is FREE for all college students from any campus: Register here!


Check out the University of Michigan Depression Center Depression Toolkit, which includes important self care tips such as Tips on Sleeping Well, the Benefits of Exercise, and Positive Self Talk!


Contributed By: Yolanda Marti and Gabe Colman