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As the leaves change color and classes get harder, sickness starts to spread around campus. You’ve probably heard the coughs echoing around lecture halls and sneezes as you walk through the diag. It is cold and flu season ladies and gentleman! So, what can you do to protect yourself?

There are many steps you can take to protect yourself from sickness this season. The first and most vital step is washing your hands. University Health Service (UHS) suggests that just fifteen seconds of hand-washing can help keep you healthy. Hand sanitizer is another great way to keep the germs away, so stop by the store and grab one to keep in your backpack! Check out this UHS article for more tips about how Wolverines wash. 

Getting a flu shot is another great way to evade illnesses. UHS offers flu shots for $38 and can bill this fee to certain insurance companies. Getting a flu shot will also help the University of Michigan beat MSU in the annual National Flu Vaccination Challenge. Check out the UHS Flu and Vaccination page for more information!

Uh oh. What if the dreaded cold and flu season caught you by surprise and you’re already sick? Have no fear! There are a lot of helpful resources for getting healthy again. If you have a sore throat, UHS has many suggestions on how to help soothe your throat. Not sure what you have, but still feeling under the weather? UHS also has a helpful Cold and Flu Guide to walk you through the main symptoms of the common cold and flu season illnesses. If you are too ill to attend class, the university has Tips for Academic Success so you can communicate with professors and catch up on missed work. Lastly, know when to call for help. For minor and non life-threatening issues, you can always consult a nurse on duty at UHS.

As always, make sure to get rest and drink water. Proper care of your body, including hydration and sleep can make a huge difference when it comes to fighting off illness. A little sleep now is worth not being sick later! So, wash those hands, drink some water, and grab an extra 30 minutes of sleep tonight – your body will thank you!

-Contributed by Erika Aldrich, Neighborhood Ambassador-Germantown