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As a student-run organization that fights all levels of food insecurity on campus, we hold a monthly food distribution for any students who face financial, transportation, or time constraints. We believe all students deserve access to healthy food options; therefore, The Cupboard is unique because we don’t prompt students to fill out applications or provide personal information to gain access to our food distributions. Instead, we generate a comfortable atmosphere in which students of various financial means can stop by and stock up.

The food distributed is sourced from Food Gatherers, a food rescue company, which collects food from local grocery stores like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Meijer, and Kroger that would otherwise be thrown out due to overstocking. Maize & Blue Cupboard also partners with Campus Farm, providing access to food grown by fellow U of M students. Over the past year, attendance at our distributions has increased by 877%, from 30 attendees at the first distribution to 263 students in the first hour of the latest distribution!

We strive to help alleviate the stress and hassles associated with grocery shopping, so please come join us at our monthly food distributions at Trotter House, learn more, and spread the word.

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Contributed By: Anet Szatkowski, Mara Moldovan, and Zoe Hawtof, Members of the Maize & Blue Cupboard Team