Stay Healthy this Cold and Flu Season

As a student, nothing is worse than getting sick during exams. By following these five simple steps, you can stay healthy and prevent the spread of illness, allowing you make the most of this semester, illness free!


1. Getting your flu shot not only prevents you from getting the flu, but also prevents the spread of flu to others. University Health Services (UHS) has flu shot sign ups available, and because it can take up to two weeks for the immunization to go into effect,  getting your shot before flu season begins is well worth the trip!


2. Get a full night's rest! One of the best ways to prevent getting sick in the first place is getting the sleep that you need. That extra hour or two can make a big difference, not only in terms of how good you’ll feel the next day, but it’ll also help your body fight off a cold before you feel the symptoms.


3. Keeping a balanced diet and staying hydrated can go a long way. Fruits and vegetables have the vitamins and nutrients you need to fight off that cold. While nothing can beat a healthy, balanced meal, taking a daily vitamin is a great alternative to ensure you are getting the vitamins you need, so that your body has the tools it needs to stay healthy!


4. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face after being exposed to germs in public places, such as computer labs or lecture halls where these illnesses can easily spread. Keeping public surfaces such as door handles, phones, and computers clean at home can also help prevent the spread of germs among roommates!


5. Be aware of the initial symptoms so that you can get the help you need right away! Whether it is the common cold, the flu, or something more serious, getting the rest and medication you need immediately can help you recover more quickly and stay healthy. UHS resources can help you navigate your way through cold and flu season!


Contributed by: Courtney Maliszewski