Stay in the Blue with the Legendary Desmond Howard

stay in the blue

The University of Michigan is renowned for its competitive football program and spirited student section that cheers for the Wolverines on Saturdays in Ann Arbor. The band plays “Hail to the Victors” and shouts of “Go Blue!” can be heard across the stadium.

The phrase “Go Blue!” carries a lot of weight at this school. Students, student-athletes, and alumni will always be proud to represent Michigan and support their fellow Wolverines. To fulfill that duty, the “Stay in the Blue” campaign was developed to encourage students who drink alcohol to do so safely and responsibly.

“Stay in the Blue” and the Michigan football program crossed paths when Heisman Trophy winner, Super Bowl MVP, and former student-athlete, Desmond Howard, premiered in two short videos promoting the campaign. Throughout his college and professional football career, Howard never drank alcohol. Howard has become the face of “Stay in the Blue," saying "I didn't drink at Michigan, but if you choose to, Stay in the Blue."

The “Stay in the Blue” campaign has developed an app to help students by providing the necessary tools to drink alcohol safely and responsibly. The app uses an ‘Estimated BAC Calculator’ to predict your blood-alcohol concentration. Gender, weight, type of drink, and amount of time drinking are variables that will influence your BAC. Other things such as the amount of food and water consumed that day, physical and emotional status, and medication will also play a role. The app encourages Staying in the Blue, which means maintaining a BAC of 0.06 or below.

The app also has a ‘Call-a-Cab’ feature that uses your GPS location to get you home safely. There is even a list of fun events going on in Ann Arbor to provide alternate options to drinking.

Howard, a student film crew, and the University teamed up to promote an important program that supports the wellbeing of the Michigan community. Stay safe and Stay in the Blue.


Desmond Howard for Stay in the Blue, University of Michigan

Desmond Howard "The Man" for Stay in the Blue


Go Blue!

Contributed by Jake Silver