Recycling in Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor Community is committed to recycling, and it’s easy for you to recycle too! Recycling not only reduces the waste in landfills, it also conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces carbon emissions, and helps prevent pollution. Even if this is your first time recycling in Ann Arbor, the following tips will help you properly recycle your waste.

  • Get a recycling bin: All Ann Arbor properties are required to have a recycling cart, provided free by the city. If your residence doesn’t already have one, talk to your to your property manager or contact Recycle Ann Arbor at or 734.662.6288 to request one. If you live in an apartment, ask your property manager where to deposit recyclables.

  • What to recycle: Check out the Curbside Guide or the A-Z recycling guide for a list of items and where they can go. You can be a “green leader” in your house by printing off a guideline flyer and hanging it on the fridge!

  • Keep your recycling clean. Clean out food containers before putting them in the recycling, and make sure to keep all non-recyclable items out of the recycling bin. If recycling becomes too contaminated, the entire thing may have to be thrown out!

  • Recycling pick-up: Use this map to figure out your day of service. All carts need to be at the curb by 7am (or the night before) on your service day. All items must be inside the cart (i.e. no cardboard on the ground) and the lid must be closed. Make sure the cart faces the street so the trucks can pick them up! Finally, your cart should be stowed away again within 24 hours.

  • I don’t want to throw this away, but what else can I do? You’re in luck! Many items you may not think of as recyclable actually are! Check out the A-Z recycling guide, donate to one of these Ann Arbor nonprofits, or join freecycle, a grassroots network for giving and receiving free items.

  • What’s the dirt on composting? The City of Ann Arbor will also pick up your compost! All you need is a $25 cart from the City Hall Customer Service Center (301 E. Huron Street). Stay tuned for more information in upcoming newsletters, or visit the City’s Compost page.

- Contributed by Lydia Evans, UM Dining & Sustainability Intern