Night Owl: A Safe Ride for Off-Campus Residents

There is a new form of late night transportation for students who live off-campus, the Night Owl. Brought to you by the Central Student Government and the Interfraternity Council, the Night Owl is a bus route specifically designed to serve students living off-campus with routes that go through several of the most populated neighborhoods such as East University and Oxford Housing. It runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 10pm until 3 am.

The route uses existing AATA and Michigan bus stops to be more convenient for riders. The idea of late night transportation to off-campus neighborhoods was sparked largely, in part, to the crime on and off campus late at night. In addition to CSG, several departments in the university including the Dean of Students Office were concerned by the high number of crime alerts (many of which occurred in off campus neighborhoods while students were walking home late at night) so they wanted to provide an additional safe alternative to walking for students who lived off campus.

Although the bus does not service all of the off campus neighborhoods and cannot drop you off at your front door like the services provided by SafeRide, this bus route is still convenient for off-campus residents. Not only does the Night Owl run later than several of the other late night alternatives, but it is free and travels further from campus than other similar services. The new route just launched at the beginning of this semester but undoubtedly it will become a fixture in the off-campus community. A picture of the route map is shown above, and for a complete map andschedule click here.


Contributed by Jadee Pope