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The beginning of March signifies the end of the regular basketball season, but the beginning of the NCAA basketball tournament - where teams from different conferences go head to head for the national championship title. The tournament begins with 64 teams and narrows each round by half the number of teams until only two remain. Last year, the final two teams were Baylor (Baylor University in Waco, Texas) and Gonzaga (Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington). Despite Gonzaga’s undefeated 2021 season, Baylor won the championship game with 86 points to Gonzaga’s 70 points.


In this year’s tournament, anything can happen! The first games of the tournament will start on March 15th and games will continue to be played until the Championship Game on April 4th. Watch Michigan in the tournament this year to see how far they will go; last year, Michigan landed in the Elite Eight before losing to UCLA.


Whether you choose to take part in March Madness activities or not, ensure your safety and others by following Wolverine Wellnesses safety tips here. Stay safe and Go Blue!