Looking For Something to Do? Get Involved at UMich Today!

Even though I have already attended my fair share of Festifall events, I still get overwhelmed and sign-up for every organization out there. Of course, many students do find Festifall a great way to get involved at the beginning of the year, but what if you weren’t quite as successful with getting involved? If you share the same situation as me, there are plenty of resources associated with the university to help students get involved! From online calendars to web pages, you will be sure to find something that interests you.

First, one good resource to find something to get involved in is Maize Pages. Maize Pages is a collection of over 1,000 student organizations. Simply search for an organization of interest and begin attending events from there. On Maize Pages, you can find anything from game nights to sporting events, so you will be sure to find something that interests you.

Another resource to check out is the Student Life Center for Campus Involvement web page. This page allows students to browse for community events and programs. If interested, students can check out potential leadership opportunities as well as student organizations. Consider following them on social media to stay even more in the loop!

If you haven’t had luck with the previous resources, consider trying the Happening @ Michigan Calendar. Here you can see details about upcoming events. This also allows students to browse by keywords, sponsors, locations or event type.

If a typical student organization isn’t your style, and you still want to be involved, try looking into Recreational Sports and the Intramural Sports Building. Here you can find a way to be active and involved in the community.

If all else fails, ask around! See what friends, classmates, and acquaintances are involved in. Step out of your comfort zone and attend an event you may not normally have attended. With these resources, you will surely find something that interests you!


-Contributed by Mikaela G., Neighborhood Ambassador