Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Finding an hourly job to earn some spending money  should be a breeze in a vibrant town like Ann Arbor, but where to start? There are flyer postings all over campus, from information boards in the diag to the posting wall in Mason Hall, or even on the blue buses. Another great resource is the university job listings page where you can tailor your search to the wages or hours you prefer, work-study or non, and the different types of jobs available here at U of M. Listings here include both on and off campus positions and jobs that require little to no experience.

Alternatively, what if you’d like a little bit of cash, but you just can’t find the time to have regular work? There are research studies looking to pay students to be a part of their research. These low commitment opportunities to participate once or twice in a study are a great way to keep your bank account afloat during a busy semester. If looking online or a research study just doesn’t seem to suit you, keep an eye out for job fairs!

Contributed by Peter Logan